At Dental Focus, we play full out. Whether for our clients or for our charities & good causes.

Our team members are like The Mighty Ducks - a flying V and "quacking" in chorus.

Cake may not make everything better but it certainly helps. We ensure plenty of helpings are available.

Our Events

The Dental Focus team will be carrying out a 6K "Walk for Water" for WaterAid.

The DF team will be hosting a charity FIFA tournament to raise money for UK Youth.

Krishan's charity Mouth Cancer Foundation's annual Mouth Cancer Walk 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility - Dental Focus Cares


As a proud member of the dental community, we take our responsibility as a company seriously. We care about providing our team with a positive workplace, minimising our environmental impact, and making a positive contribution to the local and wider community.


Our main aim is to put the values we hold as a company into practice in our everyday activities. This means creating a structured plan to make sure we are covering the three pillars of CSR - People, Environment & Community:


• A strategic commitment to our chosen charity - the Mouth Cancer Foundation

• A calendar of fundraising and volunteering activities that we take part in

• Allocating work-time for the team to work together to organise events and volunteering activities for the charities and causes that they have chosen to support

• A plan to improve and then continually review our environmental practices

• A regular review of our HR, wellbeing and team engagement to make sure we are doing the best for our team

• Sharing about what we do on a regular basis through our news and social media

• Pursuing Dental CSR Certification, achieving Gold standard


Through doing this, we hope to create an even greater sense of joint purpose in the business, and greater impact for our chosen charities.


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