Homelessness has been on the rise for several years and it affects the majority of communities in the UK. Our office is based in Croydon and as an example, the number of rough sleepers has increased dramatically over the last few years. Homelessness isn't just the people we see on the streets, it is also people on the verge of losing their homes or people being forced to live in inappropriate housing for lack of a better option. 

This is something we can end. 


"Homelessness is not inevitable. With collective action and political will, we can solve homelessness once and for all.


Through our 50-year history of pioneering research and supporting thousands of people out of homelessness, we know more than ever about the causes of homelessness and what it will take to end it."


What are we doing to help?

As with most good causes, they need funds to keep doing the great work they are doing. So we are doing fundraising across the year in order to donate money to Crisis, as well as raise awareness about the fantastic work they do in the community.

We are also liaising with our dental clients in order to enrol them as part of the services Crisis provide to its members.

In 2019, Chris started Croydon Cranked - music events aimed at raising money and awareness for Crisis in Croydon. Find out more below.

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