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Nightwatch volunteers are out every night in the centre of Croydon giving food and other help to homeless and other vulnerable people. They can be found every night at 9.30pm in the Queen’s Gardens, by Fell Road.

Their core activity is providing direct support for homeless people and others in need. They help people at every level of homelessness, from the street homeless to those in hostels and bed and breakfast accommodation and vulnerable former homeless people who need continuing support if they are not to become homeless again.

There are no paid staff, and no office premises.

Potential volunteers:


What are we doing to help?

We are using our experience of social media marketing to help give the Croydon Nightwatch a presence on Instagram.

We have created, branded and optimised their Instagram profile and post weekly positive messages.

Since we have created the profile, we have already received followers from local business and enquires asking how they can help!

How can you help?


Check out our posts below


to Grow Awareness of Croydon Nightwatch

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